Event Rules and Schedule

What is it:

A changing holiday Event for creators of Omega Friendly Products!


March 24- April 21: A Fantasy Affair

Reservations due by March 8th, 2016

May 22nd-June 12: Honeymoon Heaven
Set up starts May 18th


  • ALL Displayed Items must have Omega Appliers.
  • One outfit (minimum) that is in the current theme and is either:
    • New Release available only at the Omega Event for the duration of the event
    • An existing outfit that is available for 25% off regular price only at the Omega Event for the duration of the event.
  • No "Adult" items.
    Note: Tasteful nudity is fine. It's a necessary part of skin and tattoo adds.
    What is not allowed is "pornographic" items and poses.
  • No Affiliates
  • No Gatchas Reselling.
  • ALL vendors must send notices about their participation at the start of each event week. (Mondays)
  • All Vendors must place the subscriber kiosk in their store.
If it is found a creator has not followed the rules of the event, their items may be returned at the discretion of Omega staff. Please make sure all your items have Omega appliers.

Cost: 700L for 10 Prims. Each event is 4 weeks long.
  • Additional prims available on request for 30L/Prim/Month
  • No partial time slots available.
  • Once you pay the box the fee is non-refundable.
  • Creators will be invited to the Luv-N-Lust land group for rezz rights.
  • Event Prices are Subject to Change 
  • Creators will have access to five blog teams to blog their items for the event.
  • Blogger Packages must be sent no later than the 3rd day of the event to be guaranteed to be blogged. 
  • Event Creators and Bloggers are able to post their photos of products located at the event to the Omega Tent Event Flick'r Group located here.
  • Spots will be assigned by the Event Coordinator before set up begins.
  • Assignments are determined on a first come first serve basis.
  • This means, the order in which Reservation Cards are received is how stall assignment is handled. Turn your card in earlier for a first floor spot.

To Reserve a Spot:

Please follow these directions, exactly. Incorrectly named note cards and note cards missing information will be discarded. 

Name your NC as follows: (Name of Event) Reservation (Store Name Here)
The body of the notecard needs to include the following:

Creator Name:
Store Name:
Full Perm Logo:

Please return this NC filled out to: EllaShaeria Resident

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