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Omega Event Blogger Requirements 

Here are the requirements for Omega Event Bloggers:

1. You are required to post for each creator that gives you items within 9 days of the start of the event.
2. You must credit all items that are at the Omega Event.
3. Send a NC of your post to the Event Coordinator and the Creator.
    This facilitates syndicating you onto the Event Blog and FB
3. All links to the creator items need to be to the Omega Event.
4. All photos for the Event need to submitted to the Event Flick'r
5. Listing Omega Events as a Sponsor. The logo /will/ change to fit each event and it's expected you change them out as the event changes. These will be provided to you asap.
6. If you are inactive for two events without notifying the Event Coordinator you will be removed from your blog position.

Thank you again for being a Blogger for Omega Solutions Events!

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